Power Toke - Slabs Of Pain LP GREEN VINYL

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Power Toke - Slabs Of Pain LP


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This beautiful green galaxy variant is limited to 100 copies worldwide. Includes printed inner sleeve with full lyrics and additional artwork. All pre-orders will also include an 12"x18" color poster with artwork by Steve Lee!

Power Toke was born on the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Consisting of blast king Lucas Bailey (Desecrated Humanity) on drums, Guitarist Vanson Mendoza, Vocalist Roman Barham, and grind legend Joe Tapia (Noisear, Laughing Dog) on bass duty, Power Toke brings droning, heavy, sludge, deathgrind, and gravity blasts together to form a conglomeration not heard in more traditional grind realms. With lyrics spinning tales of life in prison, drugs, government control, and the perils of poverty in America, Power Toke tells a story that is more than relatable to most grind fiends out there and does it over a powerful and depressing soundtrack. With each track on this LP longer than most typical grind LPs, listeners are in for a full 44 minutes of blast filled sludge on this killer debut LP. Emanating the nihilistic pain and suffering of everyday life at the fringes of society through every riff. 
FFO: Vermin Womb, Culled, Dystopia, Yautja, Wake