Nuctemeron - Posers Mutilation 1989/1991 LP


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Nuctemeron - Posers Mutilation 1989/1991 LP

FOAD Records

After years in the making it’s time to unleash “The Complete And Official Nuctemeron’s Discography 1989-1991“!! Grinding, deranged Death/Noise terror from the sickest Brazilian necro-underground… of the same ferocious breed that spawned sonic aberrations such as Necrobutcher, Hell Noise, Exterminio Brutal, Dissector, Trucidator, Necrofago and loads more. Brutal, primitive blackened Noise/Grind performed with cannibalistic roughness. This anthology compiles the following:

– “Industrial Pollution” Demo (1990)

– 3 different rehearsal tapes (1989-1991)

– “Last Massacre” live in Santa Maria (1991)

51 tracks of cacophonous aural butchery!! Comes with 16 page booklet full of rare photos, original demos’ scans and more.